Kami Basics wants to promote a zero waste lifestyle! We have more than 300 products in many different areas such as cooking, hygiene, beauty, cleaning...

At Kami Basics, we have keywords that we follow:

Local: 20% of products are manufactured in Belgium and 15% in Brussels. In addition, for bamboo products made outside Europe, we make every effort to choose Belgian companies.
Sustainable: Our products aim to limit your environmental impact. They are made from durable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton or stainless steel and replace single-use plastic products such as our water bottles, solid cosmetics or lunchboxes. Often these products are certified organic and vegan.

Circular economy: In Brussels, the delivery is by bike so as not to pollute or contribute to Brussels traffic jams. In addition, we work with Hytchers, the Blablacar of parcels, where individuals on routes such as Brussels-Namur can take parcels with them and drop them off at relay points. In addition, our cardboard packaging is reused in 3 Brussels stores and is already recycled.
Quality: The products we sell have been tested and approved by the Kami Basics team. We know they are better for you and for the planet! Then we try as much as possible to offer you affordable prices in order to allow you to save the planet and not to ruin you!
Prevention: Because at Kami Basics we are not judgment or criticism. We do not want to make you feel guilty because you buy products packaged in plastic. We just want to accompany you and suggest you to change some consumption habits in order to reduce your waste. And don’t forget that every initiative on your part is positive and useful for you and for the planet!
Team Kami Basics believes in you !