With more than 400 products on our website, we want to promote a zero waste lifestyle. Kami Basics works at helping each one of you to make more sustainable consumption choices. 

It is not only about selling you zero waste products and delivering a good service. It is really important for us to be in line with our values. That's why every single decision that we take articulate around five keywords :

  • Local 🌍: 20% of our products are manufactured in Belgium and 15% in Brussels. In addition, for bamboo products made outside Europe, we make every effort to choose Belgian companies.
  • Sustainable 🌱 : Our products aim to limit your environmental impact. They are made from durable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton or stainless steel and replace single-use plastic products such as our water bottles, solid cosmetics or lunchboxes. Often these products are certified organic and vegan.
    Moreover, we offer sustainable delivery option. We work with Hytchers and Urbike
  • Circular economy 🔄 : One of the key rules of a zero waste lifestyle is reusing. That's why, at Kami Basics, we collect old cardboard package and reuse them when delivering your orders. 
  • Quality 🏆 : The products we sell have been tested and approved by the Kami Basics team. We know they are better for you and for the planet! We try as much as possible to offer you affordable prices in order to allow you to save the planet with us.
  • Prevention  : We don't want to make you feel guilty for your consumption habits. What we want is to help you in your journey to reach a more sustainable lifestyle. Don’t forget to value each one of your actions and that every initiative you take is positive and useful for you and for the planet!
Team Kami Basics believes in you !