Origins of Kami Basics

The name Kami Basics comes from a small Japanese village, Kamikatsu, located in the middle of the Shikoku mountains. It is the first municipality to have promulgated a zero waste policy since 2003. With 45 different sorting bins, divided into 13 categories, the waste management policy requires a great deal of rigour on the part of the inhabitants, but has borne fruit: Kamikatsu achieved a recycling rate of 81% of all its waste in 2016. Their goal is to reach 100% by 2020 at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Creation of Kami Basics

Jean decided to create Kami Basics in September 2017. Indeed, having studied entrepreneurship, he always wanted to launch his own project. Sensitive to environmental issues, he spent a lot of time wondering what solutions he could provide to enable consumers to reduce their environmental impact. 

The click happened when he attended a conference of "The Zero Waste Family". He was shocked by the amount of waste produced in a year. On the other hand, he was impressed by the change the family had made in just a year from a garbage bag a week to a small glass jar.
As a result, he initially launched a box of 11 zero waste products such as straws, a canteen, cutlery… But he quickly realised that customers don’t necessarily want to buy all the products at once. That is why, in October 2018, he made the transition to an online boutique where you could find any zero waste products. Kami Basics as it is was born!