Zero Waste Must Haves for the Colder Seasons

As winter is approaching and the weather is getting colder, there are certain products that we start using with the changing season. But have you thought about how the switches you make can be more eco-friendly? Many of the things we use in winter also have zero waste alternatives that are worth trying!

Avoiding Dry Skin

Dry skin is especially common in the winter months; when the humidity level outside drops, the water in our skin evaporates more quickly resulting in skin that feels dry and tight. It is important to moisturise to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. You can do so with the Bobone moisturising face cream, it is ideal for dry and sensitive skin and will nourish your skin beautifully. And to avoid cracked lips, the Bobone lip balm is the perfectly solution. It is extremely nourishing and very gentle on the lips. You can also prevent further drying out of your skin by washing your hands with this handmade soap that is especially for dry skin. To make it even better, all of these products are not only effective but also 100% natural and eco-friendly. 

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Staying Warm

Warm foods and beverages go wonderfully with the colder months, perfect to keep you warm on the inside and outside! This insulated thermo pot is perfect to pack some warm soup for lunch, it is 100% leak proof and will keep your soup hot for 6 hours.  This tea infusion ball is also great for the colder months. Pack in loose tea leaves in the ball and put it in your mug with hot water and you are good to go! The perfect way to leave plastic tea bags behind!

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Runny Noses

Colder weather brings runny noses with it. Instead of using disposable tissues to blow your nose, why not try this reusable handkerchief instead. Not only is it kinder to the environment, it will also be gentler on your nose. 

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Getting Cosy

And finally, what better to do in the cold weather than to get comfortable under a blanket with a nice book. This one about zero waste homes by Béa Johnson could be a great way to learn more about the zero waste lifestyle. In this book, Béa Johnson shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. The book shares essential how-to advice, secrets, and insights based on Béa's experience.  

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