Zero waste during quarantine: Create a home spa

It’s so important at the moment to look after yourself and your mental health (as well as physical). Self care, wellness and taking time out to relax and unwind is crucial. Things are very different at the moment and our normal routines have temporarily changed - which might mean you have more time than usual in your daily routine. Make sure you use this extra time to look after yourself, and do something to make you feel relaxed, calm and pampered.

Beauty salons, hairdressers and spas aren’t all open as usual at the moment - but don’t worry, you can create your very own spa experience in your own home (using things you can find in your kitchen cupboards!). To help you look after yourself, we thought we’d put together a guide to how to create your own zero waste spa at home.

Make your own bath salts

First thing’s first - create an atmosphere. Light up a candle or two, choose a relaxing playlist to unwind to, and (if you have a bath tub) run yourself a bath. You can create your own bath salts at home by using either epsom salts, coarse sea salt or pink salt if you happen to have any. Add in a few drops of your favourite essential oil - and if you happen to have any dried flowers like lavender or rose, chuck them in your bath too. 

DIY body scrub

Exfoliating scrubs are great for getting rid of any dead dry skin cells - resulting in soft, rejuvenated skin. Making your own is simple - all you need is sugar (or sea salt) and something to bind it together. Melted coconut oil or honey are perfect for this - although if you use honey, things will get a little bit sticky! Combine your granular ingredients with your carrier in a container, then use this scrub while you’re in the bath on any areas that are really dry. This homemade scrub is ideal for your feet, elbows, heels and knees. Simply rinse off with warm water afterwards, and hydrate with your choice of moisturiser. 

Create a natural face mask

Facials are an important part of any spa day. It’s super simple to make your own natural zero waste face mask using fresh produce from your kitchen. Some of the best, most nourishing ingredients include:

  • Honey
  • Avocado
  • Oats
  • Yoghurt
  • Aloe vera
  • Cucumber
  • Olive oil

Get creative with any of the above - just make sure you do a quick patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients (a patch test involves putting a bit of your mask on the skin on the inside of your wrist, and leaving it for a while to check your skin doesn’t react to it). Top tip: use this fresh face mask the same day you make it, as it won’t stay lovely and fresh for very long!

We hope you enjoy creating a natural spa using your own ingredients! If you need any extra help, we’ve got zero waste soaps, moisturisers, shampoo, sea sponges, pumice stones and more.

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