Zero waste during quarantine: Beauty edition

Being stuck in our homes has given us a great opportunity to do chores we wouldn’t normally make time for. There are so many boring, long-winded tasks we’ve probably all been putting off for months - so now is a wonderful time to tackle them. When was the last time you went through all your beauty products?

Whether you keep all your beauty products stacked in a cupboard or thrown into a drawer, it’s likely you probably haven’t had a proper clear out in a while. It’s not necessarily a fun job - but it’s one that definitely needs doing. When left for long periods of time, your brushes, sponges and wipes become rife with bacteria and a build up of old skin, sweat and oil. Beauty products also go out of date and past their best - meaning they’ll probably do more harm to your skin than good.

Start by giving all your equipment a good deep clean. You can create effective cleaning products with natural ingredients you can find lying around in your cupboard or fridge. Grab all your makeup brushes and sponges and a bowl of warm water. You can use olive oil, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or castile soap (or even baby shampoo, if you have any lying around!). Lather up your brush and gently work your chosen product through the bristles to loosen up any dirt, then give them a good rinse. Leave them out to air dry, so that the bristles dry naturally and don’t go crispy!

Next, pull out all of your makeup, cleansers and other beauty products (yes - all of them, even the ones hiding at the back). Check the dates on every single one. Some products only have a three month shelf life, due to certain ingredients in them going past their best. It’s important to replace products once they’re out of date, as you don’t want to have a reaction (for example, putting old mascara onto your lashes can cause a reaction around your eyes). 

Before you throw products straight into the bin, check the packaging - can all of it (or parts of it) be recycled? If not, there are ways you can repurpose some packaging. Some products, like powders, come in small glass jars - you can clean these out and use the glass jars for tealights. You can snip the end off mascara brushes, give it a deep clean to get any product off, and use this as an eyebrow brush. There are plenty of ways you can get creative so you don’t produce any unnecessary waste.

When it’s time to buy new makeup and beauty products, make sustainable choices. There are so many zero waste beauty brands now - it’s easy to build up a collection of eco products, instead of plastic disposable options from high street brands.

We have a huge collection of quality waste-free beauty products - including vegan concealereyeliner, foundation, mascara, blusher, lipstick and nail polish. Most of our zero waste beauty products are refillable, meaning you don’t have to throw away the packaging once you’ve used it uo - you simply refill it with more product. The perfect way to have a sustainable, eco-friendly beauty regime!

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