Zero Waste Christmas Decorations

We all love decorating our homes seasonally during the holidays, but most decorations are specific to Christmas or winter and thus don't stay the whole year round. This leads to overconsumption and a lot of waste being produced. To avoid this, there are many things we can do to decorate our homes while reducing our waste!

1. Shop Second-Hand

Go to your favourite second hand store and check out what decorations they have to offer there. It is very easy to find many holiday decorations in second-hand shops, being sold online and at garage sales. Stay open minded, there could also be some items to turn into a small do-it-yourself project! This option not only reduces waste and keeps products from going to the landfill, but it is also very budget friendly!

2. Ask Family and Friends

Ask around, many people likely have Christmas decorations that they want to get rid of - it's a lot to store. Plus, this way you might end up with more meaningful decorations as hand-me-downs from family members.

3. Shop High-Quality Items

If you must purchase new items (or even when you are shopping second-hand) makes sure you look for high-quality items. They will last longer, preventing you from having to buy something new the next year.

4. Look for Items with Minimal Packaging

Again, if you must shop, in addition to looking for high-quality items also look for those in minimal packaging.

5. Use Nature

Using nature around you to decorate your home could add a very cosy feel to it. You could dry some flowers/berries and hang them around the house or collect some birch branches to put on windowsills. Plus, these wouldn't be specific to Christmas and can be kept up all winter!

6. Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

You can use many of these tips to decorate your Christmas tree as well, but take it even a step further and decorate with natural things from around your home! You could make a popcorn garland, use dried citrus rings, cinnamon sticks, wooden ornaments made from cut logs, cranberry garlands and pinecones- the options are endless! Plus, all of those items can be composted after the season.

There are many tips you can take into account to make sure you decorate your home in a more eco-friendly way, but in the end the most important thing is to just keep it simple. Don't go overboard and clutter your home with decorations, not only is this damaging to the environment but it has also been found that such clutter can cause anxiety in homes. Use what you have, keep it simple and make your home beautiful!

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