The Impact of Cleaning Supplies on the Environment-Kami Basics

Did you know that the supplies we use to clean our homes can have very hazardous impacts on the environment? From the chemicals in the products to the packaging, there are many aspects to consider if you're looking for more eco-friendly cleaning supplies!

Toxic Chemicals 

Many products used for cleaning are based on chemicals that are harmful to consume for humans, animals and plants in the environment. These chemicals include phosphorous (which make up around 30 to 40 percent of dishwasher detergents), nitrogen and ammonia. When you use these chemicals to clean your appliances, they eventually get rinsed down the drain. This is how some of the contaminants in the chemicals end up in rivers and lakes and with time build up to have negative effects on the wildlife. 


In addition to the chemicals in the cleaning products, we also have to consider packaging. Technically, the plastics used in the packaging of most disposable products are recyclable. However, many people still throw the packaging away instead of properly recycling them. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it occupies landfills indefinitely, and accumulates in mass quantities over a couple of years. Leftover chemicals in partially empty containers can also cause problems in disposal sites, effecting animal life and vegetation. 

Instead of buying these harmful products,what Kami Basics has to offer in the cleaning section for more environmentally friendly alternatives!


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