Put your leftover jars to good use

When you’re done with your jam, pickle or condiment, don’t discard your glass jars straight away. Glass jars are durable, versatile and can be used repeatedly in lots of handy ways. Stock up on larger Mason jars, too (which can be easily bought from any homeware or DIY shop). We’ve put together our favourite ways to reuse glass jars in your daily life - helping you lower your waste and save money.

Create delicious breakfast options

Mason jars are ideal for making some wonderful healthy breakfasts in advance. Use them to store granola, fruit and yoghurt and take your breakfast to work with you - or put together some overnight oats the night before.

Overnight oats are easy, quick and healthy. They’re essentially the raw version of porridge, where you soak oats overnight in your milk of choice in a jar. You then add fruit, compote, peanut butter, nuts, chia seeds and anything else you fancy in the morning, creating the perfect on-the-go breakfast.

Carry your lunch with you

Jars aren’t just ideal for breakfasts - they make great alternatives to lunch boxes, too. Simply fill your jar with your chosen salad ingredients, starting with your dressing at the bottom so the salad doesn’t go soggy throughout the day. Layer rice, grains, beans, vegetables, leaves and herbs up to the top, screw on the lid, and remember to take your reusable cutlery with you.

Light up your home

As well as being perfect food containers, jars can be used to add some sparkle to your home. Fill the base of your jar with pebbles, sand or stones, and then place a tealight or set of mini fairy lights on top. Mason jar lights are great for filling up empty shelves, bedside tables or mantle pieces to add some light to dark areas in your home.

Stay hydrated

If you want a water bottle with a difference, jars can also double as eye-catching rustic drink holders. Give your jar a good clean and fill it with water, juice, iced tea or iced coffee - and make sure you screw the lid on tightly! Try some different flavoured water combinations - our favourites are basil, mint and lime, or strawberry and cucumber.

Jars are ideal for cold drinks, but if you want to take a hot drink in your jar, be careful as the glass heats up quickly. Cut an old sock or glove and slide the jar inside as a DIY hand protector so you don’t burn yourself.

Put together an indoor garden

If you haven’t got much outdoor space, it’s great to add some greenery into your home. Jars are great homes for small plants and succulents, and you can even use them to grow herbs on your window sills. 

Simply pick the herbs of your choice, plant them in loose well-draining soil, and don’t overwater them. Place your jars on brightly lit window sills and watch your indoor garden flourish!

Try your hand at pickling

It’s not to everyone’s taste, but pickled food is extremely nutritious, full of antioxidants and good for your gut’s health. You can pickle beetroot, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, lemons and more - the list is almost endless. 

The pickling process is really straightforward, and you can store your pickles in jars for a very long time in a cool cupboard. They make the perfect addition to any meal!

We hope you enjoy getting creative with your leftover jars - there are so many ways you can put old containers to good use rather than throwing them away.

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