Our Autumn Essentials-Kami Basics


Autumn is now officially in full swing - leaves are turning crisp, temperatures are dropping and evenings are getting darker and longer. Throughout summer, we spend a lot of time enjoying the sunshine outdoors, having picnics in the park and BBQs with family and friends. However throughout autumn and winter, we naturally gravitate towards spending more time within our homes. This seasonal shift means we have different needs within our daily lives - which is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite products for the chillier months. 



Food and Drink

When winter draws closer, our food choices begin to shift from light summery salads, fish and pastas to warming soups, stews and chillis. If cold sandwiches and wraps just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, take something hearty to work in one of our insulated flasks - it’s sleek, easy to store and 100% leak free to avoid any annoying spills. Our microwave lunch box is perfect for reheating any leftovers, and it contains three separate containers so you don’t have to mix up your meals.

Managed to catch the cold going around? Brew up a cold-busting remedy with our tea infusion ball. Hot water with a chunk of lemon and a squeeze of honey is ideal for sore throats, peppermint is soothing for stomachs, and ginger is perfect for giving your immune system a much-needed boost. 



Bath and beauty

Colder weather might mean that venturing outdoors is less inviting - but it makes steaming hot showers and long luxurious soaks in the bath even better. Throughout the dark, long evenings, it’s even more important to look after yourself and focus on self-care. We’ve got plenty of natural products like coconut oil and natural sea sponges to help you care for your body and treat yourself after long chilly days.

In winter, your hair can become brittle, breakable and dry - this is due to the cooler temperatures, central heating, and pulling on woolly hats. To combat this, ensure that you’re hydrating and protecting your hair wherever possible - and use a gentle wooden brush to minimise damage and breakages. 

Likewise, the skin on exposed areas like hands and elbows is prone to becoming flaky and chapped this season. Use natural, gentle products like handmade soap and hydrating feet and hand cream to stay moisturised after you shower or bathe.




This season, heavier clothes like knitwear are at the forefront of everyone’s wardrobe. You may find yourself wearing layer upon layer of clothing to protect yourself from the chill, rain or snow - which then means there’s significantly more washing to do. 

Use cheaper, more effective and more ecological washing options to keep your costs and environmental impact down this winter. Our natural and alternative choices - such as soap shells, soda crystals and soap flakes - can help you avoid repeatedly buying expensive wash tabs and softeners week after week. 

We've got plenty more sustainable plastic alternatives and natural wellness products to help you prioritise self-care and minimise your waste this season. Have a browse through our collection and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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