New Year's Resolution Ideas

It’s officially 2020 - not only a brand new year, but a whole new decade. It can be tempting to set yourself lots of strict New Year’s resolutions, from changing what you eat to how you exercise. But creating lots of tricky, restrictive and demanding resolutions can often lead to burnout or disappointment when they’re impossible to maintain. Instead, opt to set yourself positive, uplifting and sustainable resolutions that help your health, finances and the planet. We’ve put together a list of our favourite resolutions to help you reduce plastic and save money in 2020.


Visit refill shops

Although they aren’t quite in every city in Europe just yet, refill shops are steadily increasing in popularity. If you’re not familiar with what they are, refill shops are places where you can buy dried food in bulk - think pasta, rice, lentils, beans, grains, cereal and much more. Some refill shops also offer shower gels, shampoos and washing up liquids, too - you simply pop in with empty jars, produce bags and bottles and fill them up with everything you need.

Bulk refill shops are a great way to reduce your plastic use, avoid shopping in big supermarkets, and save money on expensive branded products. 

Be eco-friendly on-the-go

When it comes to reducing your daily plastic use, one of the easiest resolutions you can set is to invest in reusable items.

Treat yourself to a reusable coffee cup, water bottle, metal straws, lunch box and portable cutlery. Once you’ve bought everything you need for each day, you won’t ever need to repeatedly buy single-use plastics for your lunch and snacks. We’ve got a huge collection of all of the above, plus plenty more - why not have a browse?

Use your garden to its full potential

When it comes to living more sustainably, your garden is the best place to start. Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs is a fun, engaging hobby and a great way to get fresh homegrown produce. Compost all your vegetable scraps and garden waste like grass cuttings and leaves, and then use the fresh compost in your garden to encourage healthy growth.

Also, put some buckets and containers outside to collect any fallen rainwater - this is perfect for watering your plants without using any excess water from the tap or hose.

Switch out the plastic in your bathroom cabinet

From plastic mascara tubes and palettes to single-use cotton pads, your beauty routine can contain a whole heap of unrecyclable plastic. (If you don’t use make-up, there are still lots of other wasteful products in the bathroom - everything from shower gels to razors).

Investing in reusable pads and wipes, eco-friendly make-up, solid shower gels and safety razors can have a huge impact on your plastic use. Making these changes doesn’t take much effort, but has a powerfully positive effect on the environment.

When possible, ditch the car

If you rely on driving to get around on a day-to-day basis, try to reduce your car use whenever possible to lessen your carbon footprint.

It might sound easier said than done, but making a few little changes per week can make a big difference. Try to walk, bike, carpool or use public transport whenever it’s feasible - it’ll help reduce your emissions, and will even save you petrol money in the process.

We hope our New Year’s resolution ideas have inspired you this January. For more top tips on living sustainably, subscribe to our email newsletter.

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