How Kami Basics Makes Online Shopping as Eco-Friendly as Possible

At Kami Basics, we aim to be as sustainable as we can be. That is why we take certain measures to minimize our effects on the environment. From our delivery methods to packaging your orders, we really strive to have a positive impact at every step! 

 Reused Cardboard

At Kami Basics even the packaging that is delivered to you is reused. Most shops receive their products in cardboard boxes that get thrown away once the products have been taken out. At Kami Basics, we pick up those cardboard boxes from a few partner shops and give them a second life by packing your orders in them! This way they are reused before being recycled which is the more eco-friendly alternative for the environment as it saves energy while reducing waste and pollution.





Hytchers is one of the delivery options you can pick at Kami Basics. It's principle is simple: if you're making the journey from one city to another, why not take a couple of packages in your trunk and drop them off along the way? Drivers can pick up parcels at a rally point and deposit them in various drop off points where you can come and get them. This solution reduces CO2 emissions as no extra trips are made and helps invest in ecological projects!
Another delivery option for those ordering from Brussels is Molenbike.
Molebike is a bike messengers cooperative who have a daily delivery scheme for fresh organic products, their packs are specifically designed for bike transport from local organic professionals to their partners in the Brussels area. They are committed to make the city greener by promoting a safe and renewed mobility, optimising the distribution chain for a fast, efficient urban last-mile delivery. They also collect food waste and leftovers for their reintroduction in the supply chain!
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