Dry skin and spots during the quarantine ? Try these tips !

Since the beginning of the quarantine, my skin started to get drier with more and more spots on my face. In the first days, I thought it was nothing to worry about and it would disappear on its own. However, I started to speak about it with my friends and realized that I was not the only one in this situation. I started to search for the causes. 

After speaking to my pharmacist and doing some research on the internet, I was surprised to find out that air pollution inside is much higher than outside. It is probably the cause of our skin problems during this quarantine. So here are some tips to clean the air in your house and take care of your skin : 

1. Open your windows at least 5 minutes every two hours

The easiest and yet the most important tip I can give you. We are lucky to have such good weather and the outside air is way cleaner than it used to be a few weeks ago. So, what are you waiting for ? Let a gentle breeze clean up your room. 

2. Stop using toxic products to clean your house

You can easily replace most of the chemical products which are bad for your health and pollute the air with one product : Sodium Percarbonate.

Sodium percarbonate, also called solid oxygenated water, is a natural detergent, bleach, disinfectant and deodorant for laundry. It is also used for the treatment of molds and as a degreaser for wood siding, furniture and outdoor terraces. Sodium percarbonate is great for applications with hot water – such as mixed with hot water to mop the floor. You’ll make your wallet happier and your skin will thank you !

3. Use organic products on your skin

Organic cosmetics are, in my sense, the best for treating your skin. I personally recommend the Bobone face cream, which is specially formulated for dry skins and does not contain any essential oils. It is organic and vegan friendly with a clean list of ingredients. 

    Have you also witnessed drier skin and/or spots on your skin during this period ? If yes, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us ! We would be more than happy to read your comments. 

    Take care of yourself, 

    Amanda form Kami