Alternative Uses for Reusable Bags-Kami Basics


Single use plastic bags are hugely destructive to the natural world - only a tiny percentage are reused or recycled, and the rest end up as waste or in landfills, causing irreversible damage to the environment and hundreds of different species. Thankfully, bags for life - made from materials like canvas, jute and cotton - have had a huge growth in popularity. Reusable bags like our cotton vegetable bags and organic cotton food bags are perfect shopping companions, ideal for filling with fresh produce and eliminating the need for any excess plastic packaging. 

The bags are made from sturdy materials and are with you for life - and there are endless uses for them. We’ve put together our favourite alternative uses for reusable grocery bags, so you can put them to use all around the house.



Make beautifully scented lavender bags 

Add a gentle floral scent to your home by filling the bags with dried lavender (or any other dried herb or flower), and popping them in your cupboards, wardrobes and under your pillow - and even in your shoes. The pouches add freshness to forgotten areas of your home, and get rid of any musty damp aromas.



Take them on holiday with you

The bags make perfect travel companions. Fill them with small items of clothing like socks, or use them as a laundry bag while you’re away. They’re ideal for compartmentalising your packing and making your suitcase a whole lot more organised.



Pop your bathroom essentials in them

Hang them up in your bathroom and use them to store all your bottles, scrubs and creams. If you regularly go swimming or to a gym, they make the perfect companion - use them to carry your toiletries, towel or wet swimming clothes. They can also be used as make-up pouches, too.



Pack up all your kids (or pets) essentials 

Reusable bags are ideal for storing kids snacks or toys on-the-go, when you pop out to the park, the supermarket or for a meal. They also work the same for pets - use them to store all your dog or cat treats and chews. 



Store pantry foods in them

If your cupboards are overflowing with tins, jars and bags, decant all your smaller dried foods into them for easier storage. Pantry foods like seeds, nuts, oats and dried fruit are much easier to store when they’re in smaller bags - plus you can then take the bags to your local refill store when you run out. 


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