5 Zero Waste Makeup Options-Kami Basics

Beauty products create many negative impacts on the environment, ending up in landfills with trash and polluting waterways. It is super surprising that around 120 million units of packaging are produced by the cosmetic industry each year. Most of them made from plastic or non- biodegradable materials which take hundred years to decompose.

Therefore, going zero waste, you should be better to replace commercial cosmetic products to eco- friendly ones. You still wonder what kind of zero waste makeup alternatives that you can find. Here are some recommendations for you.

1. Refillable Mascara

Mascara is absolutely essential for your beauty look but they come in heavy package. Their traditional container and applicator are possibly difficult to recycle. Therefore, finding an eco- friendly alternative is important for you to approach a sustainable living.

An ideal zero waste mascara should be: vegan, cruelty-free, organic/ natural, palm oil free and zero waste packaging. Matching all the criteria above, this Zao refillable mascara is perfect for your zero waste lifestyle. 

Formulated without synthetic preservatives and with high quality raw materials, this mascara reduces the risk of redness and irritation to your eyes. Suitable for regular use and sensitive eyes. Moreover, packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case and attractively presented in a cotton pouch with drawstring, Zao mascara is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure.

2. Makeup Compact Foundation

As other industrial makeup products, compact foundation is also packaged with many kinds of materials which could be hard to decompose. Moreover, there are some foundation brands where animal testing is required. Hence, it is much better to choose cruelty free and recycle- packaged one.

The Zao makeup compact foundation is one of the eco- friendly alternatives that you can consider. Thanks to the perfect coverage of this foundation, the complexion is even. Easy to work with, it fades gently to blend evenly with the skin. Based on bamboo powder and organic bamboo macerate, the compact foundation moisturizes and regenerates the epidermis. It is definitely cruelty free and rechargeable as well. 

3. Vegan Concealer

After foundation, applying concealer is one of the important steps to make your skin look wonderful, hide imperfections and redness. You are trying to find a substitute that adheres to sustainable beauty criteria, the Zao vegan concealer is recommended for .

Rich in organic castor oil with healing and soothing properties, it is a concentrate of softness for the skin. This is ideal to hide imperfections and dark circles for a zero default complexion.

4. Refillable Red Matt Lipstick

Every girl has a few great lipsticks in her bag and this is one of the makeup essentials that girl must have (at least one). However, lipstick is sadly a contributor to several sorts of pollution as they have single- use container and applicator. In addition, like other makeup products, many lipstick brands have animal testing before officially introducing to customers. Thus, going zero waste, it is better to find a durable alternative. The refillable red matt lipstick is an ideal option.  

With this red matt lipstick, you don't need to buy the new one anymore. It is refillable and could be used many times. Made from 100% of natural origin, this is totally safe for your lip!

5. Reusable Makeup Remover

You might know that normal makeup remover pads are made of non- biodegradable plastic fibers, which are notoriously bad for the environment. Hence, with the aim to reduce waste, makeup remover wipe is one of the things that you should examine. The reusable makeup remover wipes from the brand Simonette À Bicyclette are the perfect alternatives for you.

One side has the motifs of your choice and the other side has a bamboo sponge-like style, these makeup remover wipes are easy to clean and reuse as many times as you like.

In conclusion, beauty industry is posing huge challenges to our environment. As a consumer, besides caring about health and price benefits of makeup products, you should be aware of the environmental impact. Finding greener and safer alternatives is beginning steps you should consider when going zero waste life.

If you still wonder where to buy eco- friendly makeup products, you can shop online at Kami Basics! Check our zero waste store for more options ;)

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