5 Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic lunch boxes-Kami Basics

You might have heard about the health hazards related to plastic food containers and wondered what other alternatives exist to those products. No need to search further: here are 5 zero waste alternatives to plastic lunch boxes!

1. The Box Appetit lunch box

Box Appetit - Stylish high capacity lunch box

Stainless steel and antibacterial bamboo make up for a stunning eco-friendly lunch box. It also features a silicone band that holds the lid and box together to prevent the contents from falling out. With a size ideal for sandwiches, salads or other solid snacks, this stylish lunch box is truly a must-have!

2. The Roll’Eat sandwich wrap for kids

Roll'Eat - Ecological sandwich wrap and mat

This is the best alternative to aluminum foil for sandwich lovers! This polyester sandwich wrap is ideal to keep your sandwiches, fruits and other snacks and can also serve as an individual placemat. Its easy fastener allows it to adapt to various food shapes and sizes. Washable in machine, this reusable eco-friendly wrap is perfect for all sandwich lovers!

3. The ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle

ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle - Simple and healthy lunch box

This 100% stainless steel lunch box is designed for all sorts of solid foods, should they be pasta, vegetables, sandwiches or fruits. The absolute lack of any toxic chemical makes it a healthy alternative to any plastic recipient. Durable and simple of use, it’s a perfect solution for school, picknicks and work.

4. The Splash Box

Splash Box - Leak-free ecological lunch box

Plastic-free and leak-free, the Splash Box™ lunch container makes going green at lunchtime easy by keeping plastic out of your lunch and our oceans. Its water-tight lid design makes it  ideal for tossing in a lunchbag, backpack or briefcase with no worries about leaking.

5. The Three-in-One classic lunchbox

Three-in-One - Food compartments for a diversified lunch

This nifty bento container makes it easy to pack a variety of foods and keep them all separate - and safe from squishing! The Three-in-One is perfect for packing a healthy entree and two side dishes for your child or yourself. You can even pull out the snack container and use it separately, freeing up space upstairs for more food!

Keep in mind that stainless steel recipients are not microwave safe as they can cause a fire. However, while plastic containers will not cause fire, heating them up might release toxic chemicals into your food.