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10 Vegan Cleansing Cloths-Lamazuna-Kami Basics10 Vegan Cleansing Cloths-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
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Wooden Comb Wide-Narrow-Kost Kamm-Kami BasicsWooden Comb Wide-Narrow-Kost Kamm-Kami Basics
16 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads16 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
Lip Balm "Le P'tit Beezou"-Habeebee-Kami BasicsLip Balm "Le P'tit Beezou"-Habeebee-Kami Basics
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Refillable Mascara-Zao-Kami BasicsRefillable Mascara-Zao-Kami Basics
€19.95 €22.95
Refillable MascaraZao
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Natural Sea Sponge-Anaé-Kami Basics
€6.25 €7.95
Natural Sea SpongeAnaé
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Pumice Stone-Anaé-Kami BasicsPumice Stone-Anaé-Kami Basics
€2.95 €3.95
Pumice StoneAnaé
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Biodegradable Foot and Body Scrub Pad-Safix-Kami BasicsBiodegradable Foot and Body Scrub Pad-Safix-Kami Basics
Face & Sport Natural Sunscreen - SPF 30-Suntribe-Kami BasicsFace & Sport Natural Sunscreen - SPF 30-Suntribe-Kami Basics
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Hairbrush cleaner-Kost Kamm-Kami Basics
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Vegan Concealer-Zao-Kami BasicsVegan Concealer-Zao-Kami Basics
€17.95 €21
Vegan ConcealerZao
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Vegan Black Eyeliner Pencil-Zao-Kami Basics
"Pied Total" Feet & Hands Cream-Habeebee-Kami Basics"Pied Total" Feet & Hands Cream-Habeebee-Kami Basics
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Wooden Hairbrush-Kost Kamm-Kami Basics
€8.45 €9.95
Wooden HairbrushKost Kamm
Scrub Jack-Bobone-Kami BasicsScrub Jack-Bobone-Kami Basics
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Winter zero waste box-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsWinter zero waste box-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
€19.95 €29.95
Winter zero waste boxLamazuna
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Konjac Sponge-HydroPhil-Kami BasicsKonjac Sponge-HydroPhil-Kami Basics
€6.45 €6.95
Konjac SpongeHydroPhil
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Make-Up Compact FoundationMake-Up Compact Foundation
5 Makeup Remover Wipes-Simonette à Bicyclette-Kami Basics5 Makeup Remover Wipes-Simonette à Bicyclette-Kami Basics
Face Cream Simone-Bobone-Kami BasicsFace Cream Simone-Bobone-Kami Basics
Face Cream SimoneBobone
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Solid Face Cleanser-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsSolid Face Cleanser-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
€9.95 €12.95
Solid Face CleanserLamazuna
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Gift Pack "Duo Douceur"-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsGift Pack "Duo Douceur"-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
€14.95 €19.95
Gift Pack "Duo Douceur"Lamazuna
Organic Body Butter-Suntribe-Kami BasicsOrganic Body Butter-Suntribe-Kami Basics
Mascara Refill-Zao-Kami BasicsMascara Refill-Zao-Kami Basics

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