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Vegan Black Eyeliner Pencil-Zao-Kami Basics
Stainless Steel Bottle - 1L-Bambaw-Kami BasicsStainless Steel Bottle - 1L-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Vegan Concealer-Zao-Kami BasicsVegan Concealer-Zao-Kami Basics
Soap for Sensitive Skin-Indigène-Kami Basics
Beeswax Granules-La Droguerie Écologique-Kami Basics
Ulrick Reusable Tissues (Pack of 3)-Bonjour Maurice-Kami BasicsUlrick Reusable Tissues (Pack of 3)-Bonjour Maurice-Kami Basics
Organic Strips for Kids-Patch-Kami Basics
Set of 3 Brushes for Glassware-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids-HydroPhil-Kami BasicsBamboo Toothbrush for Kids-HydroPhil-Kami Basics
Zero Waste Home-Scribner-Kami Basics
Gentle Soap-Habeebee-Kami BasicsGentle Soap-Habeebee-Kami Basics
Soap Flakes-La Droguerie Écologique-Kami Basics
1L Glass Bottle-Bormioli Rocco-Kami Basics
Bialetti Moka Express-Bialetti-Kami BasicsBialetti Moka Express-Bialetti-Kami Basics
Charcoal Water Filter - 4 Pack-Black + Blum-Kami BasicsCharcoal Water Filter - 4 Pack-Black + Blum-Kami Basics
5 Astra Platinum Razor Blades-Astra-Kami Basics5 Astra Platinum Razor Blades-Astra-Kami Basics
Cotton vegetable bag-Simonette à Bicyclette-Kami BasicsCotton vegetable bag-Simonette à Bicyclette-Kami Basics
Oval Lunch container & No-Leak Cup-ECOlunchbox-Kami BasicsOval Lunch container & No-Leak Cup-ECOlunchbox-Kami Basics
Make-Up Compact Foundation-Zao-Kami Basics
Beeswax Food Wrap (Triple Pack)-Habeebee-Kami BasicsBeeswax Food Wrap (Triple Pack)-Habeebee-Kami Basics
Insulated Bottle for kids-Klean Kanteen-Kami BasicsInsulated Bottle for kids-Klean Kanteen-Kami Basics
Sandwich Lunch Box - Ocean-Black + Blum-Kami BasicsSandwich Lunch Box - Ocean-Black + Blum-Kami Basics
Wooden Hairbrush-Kost Kamm-Kami Basics

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