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Pure - Solid Shampoo - Normal HairPure - Solid Shampoo - Normal Hair
Save 13%
Toothbrush with Removable Heads-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsToothbrush with Removable Heads-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
€6.95 €7.95
Toothbrush with Removable HeadsLamazuna
Save 33%
Wooden Comb Wide-Narrow-Kost Kamm-Kami BasicsWooden Comb Wide-Narrow-Kost Kamm-Kami Basics
Boc' n' Roll Sandwich Wrap for Kids-Roll' Eat-Kami BasicsBoc' n' Roll Sandwich Wrap for Kids-Roll' Eat-Kami Basics
Stainless Steel Bottle - 1L-Bambaw-Kami BasicsStainless Steel Bottle - 1L-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Gentle Soap-Habeebee-Kami BasicsGentle Soap-Habeebee-Kami Basics
Save 15%
Snack Box-ECOlunchbox-Kami BasicsSnack Box-ECOlunchbox-Kami Basics
€8.45 €9.95
Snack BoxECOlunchbox
Save 14%
Bamboo Toothbrush for Kids-HydroPhil-Kami BasicsBamboo Toothbrush for Kids-HydroPhil-Kami Basics
Save 15%
Handleless Dish Brush-kami-Kami Basics
€2.50 €2.95
Handleless Dish Brushkami
Handmade SoapHandmade Soap
Save 20%
Hairbrush cleaner-Kost Kamm-Kami Basics
Save 7%
Organic Cotton Handkerchief-Koshi-Kami BasicsOrganic Cotton Handkerchief-Koshi-Kami Basics
€9.25 €9.95
Organic Cotton HandkerchiefKoshi
"Pied Total" Feet & Hands Cream-Habeebee-Kami Basics"Pied Total" Feet & Hands Cream-Habeebee-Kami Basics
Soap Propre & Lisse-Habeebee-Kami BasicsSoap Propre & Lisse-Habeebee-Kami Basics
Soap Propre & LisseHabeebee
Bialetti Moka Express-Bialetti-Kami BasicsBialetti Moka Express-Bialetti-Kami Basics
Save 23%
Solid Face Cleanser-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsSolid Face Cleanser-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
€9.95 €12.95
Solid Face CleanserLamazuna
Save 9%
Savon de Marseille - 200 g-Marius Fabre-Kami BasicsSavon de Marseille - 200 g-Marius Fabre-Kami Basics
€4.50 €4.95
Savon de Marseille - 200 gMarius Fabre
Glamorous - Solid Shampoo - Dry HairGlamorous - Solid Shampoo - Dry Hair
Carefree Vegan Deodorant-Nuud-Kami BasicsNuud Vegan Deodorant Starter Pack
Silk Floss Refills-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Handmade Jeanine Soap-Bobone-Kami BasicsHandmade Jeanine Soap-Bobone-Kami Basics
Handmade Jeanine SoapBobone
Natural Toothpaste-Oopla-Kami Basics
Set of 3 Brushes for Glassware-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Save 25%
Citric Acid

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