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Solid Toothpaste-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsSolid Toothpaste-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
Solid ToothpasteLamazuna
Crackers Beerfood-Beerfood-Kami BasicsCrackers Beerfood-Beerfood-Kami Basics
From €2.95
Crackers BeerfoodBeerfood
Single Charcoal Water Filter-Black + Blum-Kami BasicsSingle Charcoal Water Filter-Black + Blum-Kami Basics
Double Edge Safety Razor-Bambaw-Kami BasicsDouble Edge Safety Razor-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Double Edge Safety RazorBambaw
Bamboo Toothbrushes (Pack of 4)-Bambaw-Kami BasicsBamboo Toothbrushes (Pack of 4)-Bambaw-Kami Basics
WayCap Nespresso Refillable Capsule-WayCap-Kami BasicsWayCap Nespresso Refillable Capsule-WayCap-Kami Basics
Stainless Steel Straws-Bambaw-Kami BasicsStainless Steel Straws-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Stainless Steel StrawsBambaw
"Drink Big" Bottle-Drink Big Bottles-Kami Basics"Drink Big" Bottle-Drink Big Bottles-Kami Basics
Organic Cotton Food Bags-Ah! Table!-Kami BasicsOrganic Cotton Food Bags-Ah! Table!-Kami Basics
From €3.95
Organic Cotton Food BagsAh! Table!
2 Refillable Capsules for Dolce Gusto – Complete Kit-WayCap-Kami Basics2 Refillable Capsules for Dolce Gusto – Complete Kit-WayCap-Kami Basics
Bamboo Cotton Buds-Bambaw-Kami BasicsBamboo Cotton Buds-Bambaw-Kami Basics
From €3.95
Bamboo Cotton BudsBambaw
Reusable Beeswax Film-Simonette à Bicyclette-Kami BasicsReusable Beeswax Film-Simonette à Bicyclette-Kami Basics
100 Astra Platinum Razor Blades-Astra-Kami Basics
Solid Deodorant Palmarosa-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsSolid Deodorant Palmarosa-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
Boc' n' Roll Sandwich Wrap-Roll' Eat-Kami BasicsBoc' n' Roll Sandwich Wrap-Roll' Eat-Kami Basics
Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (750ml)-Bambaw-Kami BasicsInsulated Stainless Steel Bottle (750ml)-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Oriculi Bamboo Ear Swab-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsOriculi Bamboo Ear Swab-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
10 Vegan Cleansing Cloths-Lamazuna-Kami Basics10 Vegan Cleansing Cloths-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
Bamboo Toothbrush-HydroPhil-Kami BasicsBamboo Toothbrush-HydroPhil-Kami Basics
Bamboo ToothbrushHydroPhil
Solid Shampoo-Lamazuna-Kami BasicsSolid Shampoo-Lamazuna-Kami Basics
Solid ShampooLamazuna
Cutlery Set-Bambaw-Kami BasicsCutlery Set-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels-Bambaw-Kami BasicsReusable Bamboo Paper Towels-Bambaw-Kami Basics
Refillable coffee pods for Senseo-Coffeeduck-Kami BasicsRefillable coffee pods for Senseo-Coffeeduck-Kami Basics

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