Zero Waste Swaps- List of Kitchen Items-Kami Basics

Do you just decide to go zero waste or are you starting a zero waste lifestyle? Kitchen is one of the first places you should consider because it usually accounts for nearly 50% of household waste, thus if you can minimize your kitchen, you can make a significant waste reduction in daily life. 

Many things in the kitchen we have to take into account including disposable forks, plates, single- use cup, plastics straws, plastic cling film, etc. It is totally wasteful and you can easily find substitutes. Here is the list of zero waste kitchen items that you may interested in.

1. Food Storage Containers 

Instead of using plastic bags to keep you food in the fridge, you can use glass or metal containers. It is also a perfect choice because it is not only eco- friendly but also more convenient. When you wanna warm your food, you can put it directly in the microwave.

2. Cling Film 

Plastic cling film may be the one you use everyday to cover the bowl or wrap your food. It is extremely difficult to decompose. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it by reusable film. It is not only help to reduce the plastic waste in your house but also good for your health.

3. Straws

To decompose plastic straws, it takes nearly 500 years and sadly, plastic straws are the 7th most collected waste items in the ocean. If you usually use straw to drink juice or different of beverage, you need to buy reusable one like bamboo straws.

4. Paper Towels 

It is a big surprise that tissue paper can not be recycled. Therefore, it is better if you change to microfiber cleaning cloths or reusable towels (bamboo paper towels). You can reuse them many times. It is a good way to save money and save the environment.

5. Juice Bottle

You love fruit and vegetable juice and you usually buy them with the plastic bottle. It is the time to change your habits. It is not really complicated to make your own fruit juice and remember to store it in the glass bottle which easily find in the supermarket or zero waste shop. Such a great idea to stay healthier and live greener!

Here are the list of the most common zero waste kitchen items that you can use to reduce waste. If you cannot find them in the supermarket, you can buy it online at our zero waste shop Kami Basics!