Zero waste during quarantine - What's in your bathroom ?

After the kitchen, the second place where most of the trash is created is probably your bathroom! You would certainly agree that we can easily get lost among all the products and packages : your perfume, deodorant, make up, shampoo, oils, etc.  

Here are the two steps to move to a zero waste bathroom. 

1. Sort your products

Empty all your drawers and cupboards. Once your have all your products in front of you, sort them by categories - make up, hygiene, skincare, dental care... As many categories as your want and need! 

Then, keep only the basics. The basics are products that you need on a daily basis and products that make you happy. For the rest, you can : 

  • keep them in a closed case and see if you miss them after one month (If not, it means that you don't really need them) 
  • give them to your friends and family, people who could need these products more than you 

Tip 1: Don't forget to check the expire date of your products, especially skincare! Much more often than we would like to admit we keep a product months or years in our drawer without noticing that they are expired. 

Tip 2: If you need help to sort your products and keep the essentials, don't hesitate to check our previous article where we present you the trash test. 

2. Replace empty products with zero waste alternatives

Once the products you kept are empty, you can replace them by zero waste alternatives. Note that if you have time today, you can already buy these products and keep them for later. I know that when we run out of our shampoo it's way easier to buy the one that we already know, or the one at the supermarket than taking the time to order a new zero waste one.

Organization is key here! I would personally suggest you to buy all the zero waste alternatives at once - so when you'll need them, they'll be at hand. 

From traditional shampoo to a solid zero waste shampoo

My personal favorite is Indigene solid shampoo.

In addition to being environmentally friendly (no plastic packaging) and handmade, they make the difference on our hair and for the planet: no silicones (non bio-degradable), no sulphates (which irritate the scalp), no preservatives.

People keep talking about these products on social media (never a partnership). Here are some posts description I have seen. 

Check out the reviews, it's crazy. 


From disposable makeup remover pads to reusable pads

Super soft and ideal for any type of skin, these bamboo reusable makeup remover pads are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cotton pads.

From a disposable plastic razor to a zero waste razor


No matter what you are shaving, the double edge safety razor will leave you with silky smooth and guilt-free skin
This razor contains a long bamboo handle with an excellent grip. Blades are long-lasting and recyclable, so forget about single-use plastic razors!
100% recyclable in metal recycling, bamboo handle is 100% biodegradable.

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Have you read our previous article about zero waste in the kitchen ? Note that the save water kit that we presented you can also fit in your bathroom!

Take care of yourself,