Zero waste during quarantine - What’s in your kitchen ?

All the measures taken during this period had two contradictory effects on the planet. On one hand, most of the flights have been cancelled and people don’t use their cars on a daily basis anymore, which helps to drastically reduce pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases. On the other hand, there is an exponential increase of single used products such as plastic gloves, medical masks, etc.

Our mission at Kami Basics is to tend to a zero waste lifestyle, so let’s not be discouraged : it might just be the best time to take action and to counterbalance the current tendency! 

COVID-19 has brought a tremendous change in our lives. Half of the world population has adopted social distancing rules. Most of us are working from home so it doesn’t really feel like a break. However, it has probably freed up time in your schedule; time that you would normally use to commute or do some physical activity. So, if you are wondering how to fill this time and take care of our planet, we are happy to suggest zero waste activities for this quarantine period. 

Whether you have already started your zero waste journey or are just thinking about it, we have prepared a series of articles to help you turn your house into a zero waste heaven. We will go through each room of your house and find ways to reduce your waste. Let’s start with the kitchen

Remember that the most important isn’t to have a perfect zero waste lifestyle, we need to keep in mind that wherever you are in your zero waste journey, You are at the right place. The important thing is to do the best you can today.

1. Ditch the disposable 

The first step in the kitchen is to make an audit of what is in your trashcan. Once you have a clear idea of what constitutes your daily waste, you can use this diagram to see how you can best reduce your waste. There are some products that we can easily eliminate, for instance over wrapped teas can easily be replaced with loose leaf tea.  Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and tips in the comment session! I did it for my kitchen and I discovered some amazing things. There are especially two products for which I found interesting zero waste alternatives. 

The first one, and most revolutionary for me, were reusable beeswax films. I couldn’t find any way to do some myself or stop using plastic films - except by using boxes but I also had to buy new ones and that’s much less practical. The beeswax film perfectly replaces plastic films and can be reused over and over again. Plus it gives this little touch of color I really like in my fridge. 

The second one is reusable bamboo paper towels. Imagine normal paper towels, that you can wash and reuse. I used to go through a roll of paper towels every two weeks. Now it’s just a forgotten memory

2. Save water 

Reducing water consumption is also crucial. While water is a renewable resource, water supplies are wasted and polluted at a greater speed than they need to regenerate.  In Europe, we estimate that about 20 to 40% of available clean water is wasted due to leak in the distribution network or unnecessary use. 

The Oopla Save Water kit is a little revolutionary kit that allows you to save up to 82% of water consumption by adding air bubbles to the water stream. It reduces consumption without you even noticing it! Your wallet and the planet will thank you !

3. Start a compost 

You may already know that we share a place in Brussels with ten other inspiring sustainable businesses. We got to discover many interesting concepts, and one of them really inspired us. Therefore we have decided to share it with you.

Stefania takes care of selling and educating people on the Bokashi composting, which is a technique allowing to make a compost in a small “trash”. It is perfect for people who live in an apartment. Following her, “the Bokashi technique can solve two big issues which are food waste treatment and soil depletion.” It doesn’t smell bad, doesn’t take a lot of space and is very practical! 

    We hope that all these tips will help you!

    We would be more than happy to read your thoughts and help you in your journey toward a zero waste lifestyle! 

    Let us know if you find this article helpful!

    Take care of yourself,
    Amanda from Kami