5 ways to make this new school year a zero waste one-Kami Basics

It’s that time of the year again. After having taken the sun for a whole two months and enjoyed countless activities, children head back to school benches. It’s the time of newfound friendships, new teachers, recess games and packed lunches. It’s also an opportunity for your children to learn new things and prepare them for a responsible adult life.

One important thing they might learn this year is how to contribute, even on their little scale, to the improvement of the environment. Here’s how to help them make a real impact on the planet they love.

1. Let go of single-use plastics

Children can easily get used to using a product just once and throwing it away. That is why we need to sensitize them about the dangers linked to single-use products and plastics. Getting your kids used to reusable, eco-friendly products is not only a great investment in their future, but also gives them a sense of responsibility. Didn’t you want to be treated like an adult when you were a child?

Plastic bag on the street

2. Choose plastic-free lunch boxes

Plastic lunch boxes are not only bad for the environment but can pose a serious risk to your children health because of harmful substances they contain, such as BPA or BPS. You should therefore absolutely opt for an eco-friendly lunch box, be it either a stainless steel or glass one. It will not only prove healthier for your child, but also will be more durable.

Your child prefers sandwiches? Then go for an ecological cotton sandwich wrap. This will avoid wrapping sandwiches in aluminum foil that lasts only once before being thrown away.

3. Get local products and food for packed lunches

Locally grown food not only tastes better, it also produces less waste related to transport and storage. Get your child the best products possible for his lunch by purchasing your groceries on local markets or ordering locally grown food from websites such as Eat’s Local.

Local vegetables basket

4. Give your child a reusable water bottle

There’s little polluting products as widely spread as plastic bottles. A million is bought every minute in the world creating an incredible threat for our oceans and environment. As with plastic food containers, plastic bottles also represent a health hazard due to BPA and can contain dangerous microplastics. Switching to refillable stainless steel or glass bottles is a great way to sensitize your children about the plastic pollution issue.

5. Choose green transport methods

Teach your children good habits by taking them to school using public transportation or even better – biking or cycling. Not only will this be beneficial for their health, it will also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere.

Girl riding bike to school

Those are simple and little steps, but they can have a significant impact. On your child and on the planet. It’s only by acting together that we can change the world into a better, greener place!

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