5 Effective Ways To Reduce Waste-Kami Basics

Living a life with less waste or zero waste is a sustainable choice to respect our planet. If you are still considering how to start a zero waste lifestyle, let’s start to reduce waste in your daily life.

Here are some useful tips for you.

1. Bring your own box and cutlery set

Single service items such as plastic plates, napkins or paper cups can be just used once and then discarded. They are really convenient to our life but each thing has an environmental cost. They usually end up in the landfill.

Cutlery set

Source Image: @greenecoshop

So bringing cutlery set and your lunch box with you once you go to take- away food store or restaurant is an effective way to refuse waste from single use items. Ordering just the food please without plastic box, you are saving our world!

2. Use reusable bag

Plastic bags are the things you probably need for your shopping and there are around one trillion throw- away bags are used annually across the globe. The big issue for our planet!

Reusable Bag

Now we have to start some small change in daily life. Replace plastic bags with reusable ones. Before leaving home, ask yourself if you'll need a bag. Use it for all your purchases!

3. Check  your fridge frequently

Global food waste accounts for around one- third or one- half of all food produced. This has a huge impact on our planet.

Source: Huffpost

Check your fridge everyday to make sure you’ve used all of your food near expiration date and control the quality of them. Try to finish them all before you go to the supermarket. This is an ideal way to save money and save the environment.  

4. Refuse junk mail

Paper is made from trees and as you can see, deforestation is now one of the biggest problems of our planet.

If your mailbox is full of printed advertisements of unnecessary mail, take a feel minutes to refuse them on the website or call the company, it would definitely help to reduce the amount  of trees cut every year.

5. Avoid buying plastic water bottle

Plastic bottles can be found in every ocean in the world and it takes at least 450 years to decompose.


Bringing your own cup or your own reusable bottle when buying and taking beverage. It is good for your health and you'll feel less wasteful as well.

Our life is full of stuff that we don't need. It becomes waste and causes a negative impact on our planet. Therefore, try to change some of your daily habits to reduce waste and save our environment, small changes can lead to huge result ;)

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