5 Zero-Waste Baby Products You Should Sell in Your Store in 2020

Many young parents are looking to raise their young babies in a more environmentally friendly manner using sustainable baby products. Learn about our essential baby supplies that you can sell in your store!

1. Cloth Nappies

Babies will go through approximately 6,000 diapers, which can take from 200 to 500 years to decompose. Switching to reusable cloth nappies will help in reducing one’s ecological footprint while simultaneously saving some money. The ones below are fast-drying and leak-proof, the perfect replacement for disposable nappies.


2. Cotton Baby Wipes

Disposable baby wipes don't breakdown the way toilet paper does; this causes a lot of trouble by clogging drains and sewer lines. They also find their way into the oceans, increasing the plastic pollution in the seas. We offer reusable cotton baby wipes, which can help reduce this issue and which you can sell in your shop. They are soft and pleasant on sensitive skin and can be used for the face or changing diapers. 



3. Reusable Tissues

It is effortless to go through large amounts of disposable tissues, especially with a baby. A great and eco-friendly alternative for these is reusable tissues. Ulrick tissues are reusable ones that have been up-cycled. They are made from clothes of the fashion industry that are thrown out! 


4. Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Did you know that the plastic materials that some baby bottles are made of have been found to contain a chemical called BPA, which can leach out when exposed to hot liquids? This can lead to damage in developing brains and tissues. Instead of selling plastic baby bottles, why not try stainless steel ones? They are safe, healthy, and promote natural-paced, relaxed feedings while minimizing the amount of plastic one’s child interacts with. 


5. Hairbrush for Babies

A hairbrush made out of waxed beech is a great environmentally friendly switch. It is perfect for brushing your baby’s hair as the bristles are made out of extra soft goat hair. They'll also get a gentle massage with it! Since it is made of biodegradable materials, you can be assured that the hairbrush won't have harmful effects on the environment.




All of these products are available at Kami Basics, you can find them on the website!

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