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Plastic bottles may be cheap and convenient, but the price of this convenience is terrible. Large amounts of plastic bottles are dumped into the ocean each year impacting the whole marine ecosystem. The way to change that lies within your hands - simply start using these greener alternatives!

Here are 5 alternatives to plastic water bottles that will allow you to contribute to a cleaner environment.

1. The Drink Big Bottle

Drink Big Bottles' elegant and revolutionary design is lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go without fearing any leaks. Drink Big is socially engaged and contributes to removing harmful plastics from the ocean by donating 10% of their profits to The Ocean Cleanup.


2. The Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle

This insulated bottle is not only an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles but also enables you to keep your drinks hot or iced for at least 20 hours! This makes it ideal for water, juices and all hot drinks. It can also be used for camping as you can boil water directly in it. Now this makes plastic bottles seem far from convenient, doesn't it?

3. The Glass Bottle With Charcoal Water Filter

Are you drinking plastic bottled water because you think tap water isn't clean? This glass bottle is the perfect alternative for you then. It comes with an activated charcoal filter that will clean up impurities from the tap water and improve its taste. With its natural cork and silicone stopper held by a steel ring, this bottle does not risk leaking in your bag.

4. The Insulated Dopper Bottle

Another insulated bottle perfect for both hot and iced drinks. Coming in various colors, it will certainly make you stand out. It also presents the significant advantage of having a lid that can also serve as a cup, so that you can enjoy your hot tea in any place! 

5. The Stainless Steel Bottle

Do you love classic, minimalist products? Then opt for a classic stainless steel bottle! With its clean and simple design, this bottle is ideal for work, hiking, yoga, traveling and all everyday activities. It comes without any paint to ensure scratch resistance and durability. 

All of these reusable water bottles are available at Kami Basics, if you still consider where to buy it, take a look at our website!

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