10 Different Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural, edible oil extracted from mature coconuts. The oil has a unique nutty, fruity taste and numerous health benefits - which makes it a popular option in cooking. But despite it being primarily used in food, there are countless other handy uses for this incredible oil.

1. Remove your makeup

Coconut oil is a gentle makeup remover, effective at taking off everything from lipstick to waterproof mascara. Warm a small amount in your palm to melt it, then use it to cleanse your skin and wipe off with reusable pads.

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2. Pamper your nails

Incorporate coconut oil into your manicure routine for healthy, strong and shiny nails. After you’ve filed and buffed your nails, use a small amount of oil to rub gently into your nail surface area, cuticles and the skin around each nail to keep them moisturised.

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3. Create a DIY hair mask

Coconut oil is deeply moisturising, and is perfect for nourishing your hair. Rub a generous amount of oil into your scalp and the ends of your hair, and leave to settle overnight. After you’ve washed it out first thing in the morning, your hair will be left feeling glossy and rejuvenated. 

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4. Try out oil pulling

Oil pulling is the process of swilling a small amount of oil around your mouth to pull out toxins from within your body, and harmful bacteria from the mouth. It’s recommended that you swirl the oil around for 5-20 minutes on an empty stomach to reap the benefits of the ancient practice. 

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 5. Use it on-the-go

Pop some coconut oil into a small tin and carry it with you in your bag - it doubles as the perfect lip balm and hand cream to keep you feeling moisturised all day.

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6. Create your own spa at home

Pamper yourself and create your own at-home spa by adding coconut oil into your bath. Drop a spoonful into the running hot water (but not too much, as it resolidifies in your drains). The oil melts into the water, releasing it’s tropical scent and leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

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7. Add it to your teeth-cleaning routine 

Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it ideal for keeping your teeth fresh. Brush your teeth with some coconut oil before using toothpaste, or mix with some baking powder for extra whitening results.

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8. Stay moisturised all year

Over winter, your face is exposed to harsher, colder air - leading to dryness and flaky patches if you don’t protect your skin. Moisturising with coconut oil before you venture out for the day provides a protective barrier against the environment, and locks in moisture.

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9. Clean up your brushes

Makeup brushes can collect plenty of dust and bacteria over time, so to look after your skin it’s important to keep them nice and clean. Rub coconut oil into your brushes to remove any built up dirt, and use warm water to rinse them off. 

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10. Bake a cake

Even though coconut oil is most commonly used to either fry food or drizzle over food, it’s also an incredible ingredient in plenty of baked treats. If you’re vegan or dairy-averse, coconut oil has a creamy, thick consistency so can be used in place of butter in different cakes, cookies and more. It also adds a unique and subtle flavour of its own.

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